Connecticut White Pages, United States

Although Connecticut is a small state by land area, Connecticut is densely populated with over 3.6 million residents. Also, Connecticut is very successful economically, fuelled by thriving finance, insurance, real estate, and manufacturing industries. With only a phone number, you can find out more about a person or business on the Connecticut white pages. Generally, a search will provide the name and address registered to that phone number. But, you can also expect to find publicly available information about that person, including criminal records, property records, court records, and employment history. 

Connecticut At A Glance 

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  • Admitted into the Union — January 9th, 1788 (5th State)
  • Capital: Hartford.
  • Population: 3.6 Million (2021)
  • Size: 5,567 square miles (3rd smallest state)
  • Nicknames: The Constitution State, Nutmeg State. 
  • Motto: “He Who Transplanted Still Sustains”
  • State Bird: American Robin. 
  • State Flower: Mountain Laurel. 
  • State Tree: White Oak. 

10 Quick Facts About Connecticut

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  • In 1878, the New Haven phonebook made history as the first phonebook published in the United States. At the time, there were fifty names and contact information in the directory. Today, the Connecticut phonebook contains the contact information of millions of residents.  
  • Connecticut set precedent as the state with the first written constitution in America with the Fundamental Orders of 1639.
  • Connecticut enacted the first speed-limit law in 1901 — setting the speed limit at 12mph in cities and 15 mph in the countryside. 
  • The USS Nautilus made history as the first nuclear-powered submarine to complete a submerged trip to the North Pole in 1958. 
  • Connecticut issued the first permanent car license plates in America in 1937. 
  • Colt revolvers were invented in Connecticut. The state also dominated firearms manufacturing in America throughout the 1800s and the 1900s. 
  • New Haven, Connecticut, is the home of Yale University, the third-oldest college in the US. 
  • The Scoville Memorial Library is the oldest public library in the US. The library originally started with 200 books in 1803 and houses over 30,000 items today. You can also visit the Scoville Memorial Library free of charge. 
  • The Hartford Courant is the home of the oldest newspaper in America.   
  • Connecticut never ratified the 18th Amendment until federal law prohibited the production and sale of alcohol in the United States. 

Largest cities or towns in Connecticut

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WaterburyEast HartfordWestport
NorwalkMiddletownNew London
New BritainNorwichNorth Haven
West HartfordTrumbullDarien
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